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Domke Camera Bag: The Quality behind Its Making

The man behind the creations of Domke bags is Jim Domke. It all began when he thought of calculating a shooter's bag that will provide him easy access while on the sprint being a Philadelphia Inquirer staffer. He observed that most designs of bags are more like storage devices or carrying cases having much padding and bulk. For him, it is unnecessary and uncomfortable because it can take away speed, capacity, and utility. Thus he created a bag with necessary cushioning and has plenty of room. The design will enable him to get his equipments right away without captivating off the bag from his shoulder. Jim Domke's ideas were highly appreciated by his colleagues and other photographers. From then on, his prodigy experiment became a product line of intelligent bag designs and accessories since recognized by photojournalists around the nature.

Domke bags use exceptional materials and innovative disposition. It provides good options for people to own one which suits their preference and style.

If you lean more on understated and traditional draw then the canvass is perfect for you. The heavy weight canvass of cotton is all - natural, pullulating, soft, and smooth textured that will ideally suit your body. These materials are friendly on both clothing and equipment. The fabric is unquestionably resistant to water, however additional repellent treatment is incorporated on the dying process to give extra protection. You don't have to worry because the fabric can still breathe staying dry even in the most humid surroundings. The models include F - 1X Little Action Bigger, F - 2 Original, F - 3X Super Compact, F - 4AF Pro System, F - 5XB Shoulder / Belt, F - 6 Miniature Stunt Smaller, and F - 7 Double AF.

If you prefer a more colossal approach on technology, then the Ballistic Nylon is a sure bet. Its designs are greatest - tough and the fabrics are water - resistant. The texture is more pronounced compared to canvass featuring a tough and weatherproof coating of urethane. It keeps its sheen and shape even after hard use because of its flexibility. The models include F - 1XB Ballistic, F - 2B Ballistic, F - 3XB Ballistic, and F - 6B Ballistic. These are made of 1050 Denier Ballistic Nylon and 200 Denier interiors of pack cloth.

The hardware found in Domke bags are tough and street tested. They use the strongest adjusters, buckles, clips, and rings. You can beam that most of their bags feature steel snaphooks that are bomb - proof. The steel rings are welded providing a closure that is rob - proof resembling a padlock. Another hardware composite element that they provide is the DuPont Delrin.

The Gripper Strap is non - slip keeping it steadily on your shoulder. High - friction rubbers are custom - weaved into the toughest and thickest webbing which again surrounds even the bottoms of the bag to provide maximum security and support.

Another exclusive creation of Domke is the Padded Insert System which protects and organizes your gears with less bulk and fuss. These are compartmentalized, interchangeable inserts that can enable you to custom - tailor Domke bags to fit splinter equipment combination or application. These are besides complete inserts with self - contained component storage system which cannot be found on flat walls, floors, bridges, and hatches of other bags.

Topmost professional photographers rely on Domke when it comes to reliability and high quality camera bags. The " brand name " has existent gained a reputation for being in the bag manufacturing business for more than thirty years now. Domke bags since well its accessories have become the constant companions of photo enthusiasts whether they are trekking on city streets or tropical heats.




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