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KATA Camera Bag Product Lines: Combining Quality and Style Perfectly

One of the leading brand companies which manufactures, develops, and markets altitudinous quality products is the KATA Group or KATA. They integrated smart protective solutions with their clever carrying equipments. Thus they created high - end products suited for professionals all over the creation with regards to Protection, Security, High - Tech Industries, and Video - Photo markets.

Their tale began when Dror Tishler and Nitzan Kimchi, owners and founders of KATA, got acquainted with complicated military equipments. It was the time when they were serving the Israel Defense Forces ( IDF ). From then on, they offered and developed solutions for the secret services of Israel as well as the IDF for more than a decade. They established KATA in 1992 as a response to the increasing demand for their products. KATA evolved over a top quality company from being once an R&D laboratory.

KATA camera bags are very gracious options for photographers in carrying their photo paraphernalia. They are offering broad selections of designs that will suit every innate photographer's unique tastes and needs.

- Medium Shoulder Cases are appropriate for keeping your camera safely together with its accessories. The models include SB - 902 ( GDC Small Reporter Shoulder Case ), SB - 904 ( GDC Reporter Shoulder Case ), WS - 604 9GDC Waist / Shoulder Case ), SB - 907 ( GDC Large Reporter Shoulder Case ), MC - 61 ( GDC MULTI CASE for Medium format / Digital SLR cameras with laptop, WS - 606 ( GDC Large Reporter Ride Case ), EXO - 33 CCC - 3333 ( Medium Back Case for 2 to 4 bodies having 2 to 4 flash, lenses ), BANANA - 2 ( Protective Shoulder Case for medium format cameras and accessories ), MAZE - 2 ( for 35mm SLR outfit with 4 - 6 lenses or larger medium format systems ), and BANANA - 3 ( Rival shoulder Case for medium thanks to well large format cameras ).

- Small Shoulder Cases appropriate for Digital SLR Cameras. The models include: FOCUS Q and FOCUS N - Shoulder - Bag ( Digicam / SLR, MP3, PDA, phone, along with accessories and personal gears ), EXO - 12 and EXO - 7 ( Camera Shoulder Bag for large digital SLR cameras ), SHELL - 03 CCC - 2003 ( Hard Shell Camera Case for digital SLR build ), CC - 190 ( GDC Case ), CC - 191 ( GDC DV Case ), CC - 193 ( GDC HDV Case ), CC - 195 ( GDC Case ), CCC - 103 and CCC - 101 ( Camera Case for digital SLR body with professional lens ).

- Small Camera Cases are small protective cases for cameras and its accessories. The models are: Pixel D Loop Pouch, Pixel I Loop Pouch, Pixel J Loop Pouch, Snapshot D - Put forth Pouch, Snapshot I - Flap Pouch, Snapshot J - Flap Pouch, Macro KS - Mini - Shoulder - Bag, Macro KB Mini - Sash - Bag, C - 52, C - 54, C - 56, C - 58, and C - 59.

- Camera Pouches and Mini - Cases are special compact cases and padded pouches. The models: Pixel D Skein Pouch, Pixel I Loop Pouch, Pixel J Loop Notecase, Snapshot D - Flap Pouch, Snapshot I - Flap Pouch, Snapshot J - Flap Pouch, EC - 01, EC - 02, P - 38, P - 36, P - 34, and P - 32.

- Camera Sling Carriers are torso packs and sling bags for carrying diagonal and front camera. The models are: Zoom - In N - Sling - Pack, T - 212, T - 214, S - 308, MPS ( modular Pouch System, and S - 312.

- Camera Rain Covers are appropriate for covering lenses and cameras during rough condition of climates. The models include: E - 690, E - 702, E - 704, CRC - 13, and CRC - 14.

- Camera Support Cases for camera stands, tripods, and rib. The models are: Hexabag - 1 Hexabag - 2, Tripoaction - 41, Tripoaction - 42, Triposoft - 1, Triposoft - 2, Triporigid - 1, Triporigid - 2, and Multilong - 1.

You can just select from these KATA line products and check their global networks of dealers and distributors to find one that is closest to your location. Or you can visit their website for updates and comparisons. Make sure that you have understood their ordering policy as well as terms and conditions before purchasing.




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